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Artist Lynn Follenius Joins Number 7 Arts Gallery

Carnival. Lynn Follenius, artist

Artist Lynn Follenius has joined Number 7 Arts Gallery, a cooperative art gallery in Brevard. Follenius discovered her passion for art while growing up on the eastern shores of Long Island. “My father’s eclectic and imaginative creativity inspired and enabled me to express myself through exploration and experimentation with no boundaries,” she says. “With each brushstroke, I have delved into the essence of human emotion, thought and spirit to evoke an inspiring and profound sense of empathy, wonder and introspection.”

Follenius is an abstract artist who works in acrylic and modeling paste on canvas. Her work is marked by rough textures and eroded surfaces and patterns. “The techniques I use to obtain these effects are done by layering paint and scraping and then repeating this process until I achieve the dimension that evokes a sense of time, transformation and natural beauty,” she says. “My style of abstract art, expressionism and industrial art is inspired by the inherent beauty within corrosion witnessed in altered materials.”

When Follenius brought her paintings into Number 7 Arts, cooperative member artist Laurie Davis immediately noticed a level of sophistication in her work. “Her use of color is absolutely stellar,” says Davis. “Each painting has layers and layers of color and texture. It is an excellent balance and we are so pleased to have her as a part of Number 7 Arts.”

Number 7 Arts is located at 2 West Main Street in downtown Brevard. To learn more, visit

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