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Artists Think Out of the Box at Number 7 Arts in August

Number 7 Arts, a cooperative gallery in downtown Brevard, presents its latest members’ show Out of the Box on display now through August 27. The show features several collaborations and new work by individual artists that is unexpected in some way.

Jackson Building. Mike Wurman, artist

“Each of the collaborating artists brings their own creativity and style to the table and together they create something fresh and new that reflects both mediums,” says Number 7 Arts member Carol Clay.

In one joint effort, fiber artist Brenda Cameron’s vessel becomes the subject of photographer Mark V’Soske’s light painting. A discussion between the two led to a still life composition featuring Cameron’s vase-like piece.

“This collaboration is really about Brenda experimenting with her fiber work, and me experimenting with my light painting process on her pieces to see how we could complement each other’s vision,” says V’Soske. “The initial results were very interesting and her fiber art got me thinking about how I could improve my part of the collaboration.”

Fiber Vessel. Brenda Cameron, artist. Photo by Mark V’Soske

His light painting photography technique uses small light sources to “paint” light on compositions in complete darkness. This enables the photograph to show the quality and play of light on objects and create depth, color, texture and, at times, illusion. In V’Soske’s image, viewers get a sense of how Cameron’s fiber would feel in hand.

Pastel artist Mike Wurman presents a drawing of Asheville’s Jackson Building rendered on a discarded piece of cardboard for the exhibit. Primarily a landscape painter, he typically steers clear of architecture and other man-made structures in his work; however, he ultimately decided the iconic neo-Gothic building was perfect for the cardboard canvas he had chosen.

“The cardboard gave the charcoal drawing of the Jackson Building dimension and texture, especially once I cut away portions of it, revealing the ribs underneath,” says Wurman. “It was that touch that helped to give the piece an aged look, almost as if it were as old as the building itself.”

Number 7 Arts is a program of the Transylvania Community Arts Council. The gallery represents nearly 30 local artists and a wide range of media.

Number 7 Arts is located at 2 West Main Street in downtown Brevard. Hours are Monday–Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 12–4 p.m. Learn more at or call the gallery at 828.883.2294.

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