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Book Feature: Blue Mountain Poems

Blue Mountain PoemsAuthor, Tim Jones

Tim Jones, an ordained minister and avid nature photographer, has just published his debut poetry collection, Blue Mountain Poems. In the book’s introduction, he writes that his words “are drawn from years spent exploring mountain forests, serving people in the crisis of homelessness and serving people in a parish setting all at the same time.”

Growing up in Hendersonville, Jones says he was, first and foremost, a painter. “People tell me that my photos and poems remind them of paintings because that is what I know how to do,” he says. “I approach poetry as painting with words.” In high school, he loved the works of Robert Frost and Walt Whitman. “It wasn’t that I wanted to write poetry like they did,” he says. “I wanted to learn how to listen to people and places the way they did and then share it.”

His hope is that poetry is beneficial at all times, but especially these days. “I think beauty is a vital counter-voice right now in these difficult and stressful times we are currently living through,” he says.

“We don’t get to choose our times. We only get to choose how we respond to them. I hope poetry can be a dissident voice of hope in a sea of voices that foster despair.” He wants readers to find their own meanings in his words. “I think of my poems as prompts to help people listen to the world around them and hear whatever it is they were meant to hear. I hope what they hear leads to life.”

Blue Mountain Poems, 2020, poetry, paperback, $25, by Tim Jones, and published by GFR Press, Flat Rock, NC. To order a copy, visit

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