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Book Feature: Discovering the Appalachian Trail

A Guide to the Trail’s Greatest Hikes

Joshua Niven and Amber Adams Niven, Authors

Appalachian Trail enthusiasts Joshua Niven and Amber Adams Niven wanted to create a book about the AT that goes above and beyond other guides. Joshua, a photographer, has hiked the entire trail, and Amber, a writer, continues to add miles to the 1,400 she has already completed. “With Joshua’s photography skills and my writing skills, along with all the knowledge we had accumulated over the years about the Trail, we knew we could make something special,” says Amber.

Discovering the Appalachian Trail covers 30 hikes in detail, including descriptions, maps and elevation profiles. The guide contains more than 300 photos, most taken by Joshua on his thru-hike. “There is a strong sub-culture on the AT and a strong sense of community,” Amber says. “Another name for the Appalachian Trail is ‘the people’s trail.’ So, featuring other people’s stories and art was important to us.”

The book includes hikes for history lovers, day-hikers, backpackers and summit-seekers. “Our book is a fantastic starting place for someone who might be interested in hiking the Appalachian Trail but doesn’t know where to start,” Amber says. “It’s also for the nostalgic thru-hiker who is longing for the day their feet return to the path.”

Discovering the Appalachian Trail: A Guide to the Trail’s Greatest Hikes, June, 2022, nonfiction, paperback, $29.95, by Joshua Niven and Amber Adams Niven, and published by Globe Pequot Press, Guilford, CT. A book launch party will be held Saturday, August 13, from 2–5 p.m. at Big Pillow Brewing in Hot Springs. Learn more at

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