Book Feature: Lace Curtain

A career in advertising as a single mother kept Jeanne Charters from devoting the time to writing that she wanted to in earlier years, but she has found her calling now. “After my move to WNC, my creativity came to full fruition, partly, I think, in response to the energy of these beautiful mountains,” she says.

She began writing in earnest in 2001, and published the first novel in her Daughters of Ireland trilogy, Shanty Gold, in 2015. Her latest release is the second book, Lace Curtain. Set in Ireland and Boston during Reconstruction, the books capture the Irish American immigrant experience. “My goal in writing these stories is to inspire today’s girls as they try to overcome the sexism and racism of their own times,” Charters says.

She recently resurrected another of her novels which tells the story of a principled TV news director being pressured to slant the news in favor of certain politicians and corporations. “I always loved Yellow and feel it’s my best work,” she says, “so I sent it off to my publisher. They love it too, and are speeding up publication to August, 2019, because of the timeliness of the subject matter in today’s political world.”

Lace Curtain, March, 2019, fiction, paperback, $11.00, e-book, $.99, by Jeanne Charters, and published by Rogue Phoenix Press, Salem, OR. To learn more, visit A reading will be held at Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café on Thursday, July 11, at 6 p.m.

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