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Book Feature: Nursing Home 101: A Daughter’s Perspective

Ruthie Rosauer, Author

When Hendersonville author Ruthie Rosauer found herself scrambling to find a nursing home for her mother and subsequently overseeing her care there, she saw it as a learning experience, taking notes and interviewing those who knew the system. Rosauer turned the knowledge she gained into Nursing Home 101: A Daughter’s Perspective. “I was journaling during the entire time she lived in the facility,” Rosauer says. “Those journal entries form the backbone of the book. I added interviews with other people who have had personal experience with facilities as well as pertinent regulations and information to provide a more universal guide to nursing home issues.”

She says that she and her sister were not prepared for what their mother would need in the way of care and had to navigate the system with all of the attendant frustrations. “I wanted to share what we had learned through experience to help ease the learning curve for others,” says Rosauer.

Her mother has since died and Rosauer now works with advocacy groups to make sure that facilities adhere to regulations put in place for the safety and needs of residents. “I hope readers of my book will understand how critical it is that they continuously monitor and intercede on behalf of their loved ones,” she says.

Nursing Home 101: A Daughter’s Perspective, February, 2021, nonfiction, paperback, $16.95, by Ruthie Rosauer, and published by Warren Publishing, Clover, SC. Rosauer will appear Wednesday, June 23, at 11 a.m. on “Wednesdays with Warren” livestreamed on Warren Publishing’s Facebook page. A book signing will be held at Barnes & Noble at Biltmore Park at Town Square in Asheville on Saturday, July 24, at 2 p.m.

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