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Book Feature: Peace: a simple meditation

Kim Jones, Author

peace: a simpl meditationArtist Kim Jones created a flower mandala in February. The creation of it was a meditation in and of itself, she found. “It was a very comforting but focused process,” she says. “Then COVID-19 hit and I found myself making lots of flower mandalas.” As an illustrator and freelance book designer with more than 20 years experience in educational publishing, it seemed natural to her to combine them in a book that others might use in their own meditation practices.

“I would advise people to use the book in whatever way makes them comfortable,” Jones says. “My intention was for readers to use the art as a place to rest their eyes as they focus on their breathing.” Others, she adds, may appreciate it as an art book or a gift book.

Although it’s not a “typical meditation book,” she says, she includes text from her own simple practice. “I silently use two-syllable words/phrases/mantras, which I pair with my breathing: joy (inhale) full (exhale).”

Jones came out with another book in April, The Silly Letters of Agnes Buttons, a children’s book that explores letters and words. She is currently at work on a second meditation book and two children’s books. Peace: a simple meditation is available at her gallery space at Woolworth Walk, where her art may be viewed and purchased also.

Peace: a simple meditation, June, 2020, nonfiction, hardcover, $28, by Kim Jones, and independently published. Books may be found or ordered regionally at Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café, in Asheville; Blue Ridge Books, in Waynesville; and Sassafras on Sutton, in Black Mountain.

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