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Book Feature: Wildflowers to Color – A Path to Discovery and Belonging

Stephanie Sipp, Illustrator, and Banta Whitner, Author

A recently published coloring book, with writing by Banta Whitner and illustrations by Stephanie Sipp, seeks to further appreciation of nature by providing information, suggested activities and a fun, hands-on way to learn for all ages. Wildflowers to Color: A Path to Discovery and Belonging features 12 wildflowers native to the eastern US that can be found in or acclimated to area gardens and woodlands. The book offers an opportunity for parents and grandparents to share learning about nature with children.

“Gardeners, ecologists and wildflower enthusiasts will enjoy this book, as will their young companions who may be finding their way as budding naturalists,” Whitner says. “In these pages we address both the value of coloring as ‘creative ecology’—a way to learn by doing—and as a mindfulness practice. Mindfulness, even in coloring, helps hone focus, reduce stress and calm the busy brain. Readers may also be drawn to the details about the ways these wildflowers were used either for culinary or medicinal purposes by Indigenous peoples and early settlers in the Americas.”

The next book in the series, which Whitner and Sipp hope to have available in time for the holidays, will be Garden and Color with Kids: Planting Seeds of Hope.

Wildflowers to Color: A Path to Discovery and Belonging, 2023, coloring book, paperback, $18, by Banta Whitner and Stephanie Sipp, and self-published. Find this book and a previous publication, Flowers to Color: Ways to Cultivate, Connect, and Protect at Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café or Black Mountain Center for the Arts, or order online at

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