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Celebrating Women Around the World at Woolworth in September

Woolworth: Karen Zimmerman

True Friends Enjoy Being Flankers. Karen Zimmerman, artist

In September, Woolworth Walk will highlight the work of artist Karen Zimmerman in a show titled Celebrating Women Around the World. “This opportunity to show a cohesive exhibition is a tremendous challenge for me,” Zimmerman says. “The most personal part of it is being able to invite viewers to travel to northern Mozambique, where I had the privilege of living for 10 years. I really loved being a part of the community and learning their lifestyle.”

Blooming Evidences of Glory. Karen Zimmerman, artist

Zimmerman works in oils, watercolors, and pen and ink. “I have always loved the buttery appeal of a freshly mixed oil palette, there is nothing quite like it as it blends together,” she says. “I still do watercolors, however, especially when I want a pop in color on a pen and ink drawing, or if I am doing a small-scale piece that looks super nice paired with an old piece of weathered barn wood.”

Zimmerman says she hopes to bring joy and inspiration to visitors by celebrating “God’s gift of women to humanity—what beauty, wisdom, intuition, diversity, friendship, relentlessness and hard work they lend to a world so needy for their touch.”

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