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Chilean Artists Exhibit at Contemporaneo Gallery

Contemporaneo: Chilean

M.M. Verónica Byers, artist

Through May 31, Contemporaneo Gallery presents Substance and Style: Chilean Contemporary Visionaries of Abstraction. The exhibition features the work of three Chilean contemporary artists: Verónica Byers, Francisca Izaquirre and Filipa Eyzaguirre. “This show explores the works of three masterful innovators, each one very unique in their approach to palette and strokes, yet similar in the universality of their creations,” says Francisco Troconis, who co-owns the gallery with Gary Culbertson.

Byers’ work combines her depictions of dreams and childhood memories mixed with real images. “Being in the same show with Chilean artists is a lucky coincidence and I believe it will make the show more interesting,” she says. “Of course, there is a strong influence of the environment of my home country, where I have lived most of my life and have related to the local artists and their work.”

Concerning the theme of abstraction in the show, Byers says she is trying to create an abstract work from her perception of a real object or scene. “My work is also part of the construction of a microcosm, or stage, on which I build theatrical situations that I rescue from the street, then use as a reference to build my new artwork,” she says.

Contemporaneo Gallery is located at 4 Biltmore Avenue in Asheville. Visit for more information.

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