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Constanza Knight at April Artist & Blooms: “Rising Up”

The Blue Blossom Floral Apothecary and Art MoB Studios will highlight the work of artist Costanza Knight for the April installment of the monthly Artist & Blooms series. Simone Wood will create a floral art presentation to complement Knight’s work. “My show’s title, Rising Up, is about what I have seen happening in this country,” says Knight. “People of color are owning their right to ask for respect in all arenas. I can feel it in the ethers. They are being heard and things are beginning to change.”

Crow No.13. Costanza Knight, artist

Knight says she envisions “a floral arrangement that expresses flight, strength, hope and ebullience,” and that is just what Wood has planned. “I can see a very contemporary floral art piece using found metal or wood sculpture and plant material to achieve a more uplifting mood,” says Wood. “I’d like to see vibrant colors from the Bird of Paradise flower and Hawaiian Ti leaves in a contrived, manipulated fashion to give the art piece and the viewer the feeling of new life, new beginnings.”

Knight says the floral bouquet will enhance the experience of her artwork and add to its impact. “I hope viewers internalize the meaning of my artwork and walk away with inspiration from the positive changes that are happening in our country now,” she says. She also hopes viewers will be inspired to seek out more accurate historical records of our country’s past.

The Blue Blossom Floral Apothecary and Art MoB Studios are located at 124 4th Avenue East, Hendersonville. For more information, visit

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