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Spruce Pine Potters Market Goes Online

The annual Spruce Pine Potters Market will be held online beginning Saturday, October 10, at 10 a.m. The event will feature work in a variety of styles and designs from more than 30 potters from Mitchell, Yancey and Avery counties. “The Spruce Pine Potters Market is unique because of the extraordinary quality of the work produced by its members,” says potter Jenny Lou Sherburne. “Individually, these artists are some of the finest craftsmen in the country. Collectively, they bring their high standards, imagination and camaraderie to producing the show.”

Spruce Pine Potters

Jenny Lou Sherburne, artist

Spruce Pine Potters Market was started by local potters, in support of local potters. “After 20 years, it continues to offer an excellent access portal to view and purchase pots from the range of excellent potters in our area,” says studio potter Terry Gess. Gess uses strong direct forms, subtle satin matte glazes, integrated brushwork and surface patterning to personalize each of his pieces. “My goal is to make pottery for the contemporary home environment,” he says.

The event will also feature special guest artists Lynne Hobaica, Rickie Barnett, Matt Repsher, Becky Lloyd and Hitomi and Takuro Shibata. Market visitors can purchase raffle tickets to win work by potters Suze Lindsay, Lisa Joerling, Shane Mickey and Joy Tanner. Proceeds from the raffle will support two local nonprofits: Shepherd’s Staff and Neighbors Feeding Neighbors.

For more information or to see the market, visit or find Spruce Pine Potters Market on Facebook.

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