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Twigs & Leaves Features Wooden Bowls by Winchester Woodworks

Segmented Bowl. Allen Davis, artist

By Natasha Anderson

Winchester Woodworks, in Waynesville, presents a collection of wood bowls created by local woodturners Allen Davis and Mike Juett. Davis and Juett specialize in polychromatic, segmented pieces that are designed with precision-cut patterns and incorporate many wood species to achieve complexity, balance and symmetry. More than 80 percent of the raw material used in their work is recycled from waste bins of other woodworkers.

“Working with segmentation gives us more freedom to express our ideas and designs with smaller pieces of wood,” says Davis. “It is very satisfying to reflect on the finished product when we see what we were able to create with these scrap items.”

Juett began an apprenticeship with Davis about three years ago when he and his wife realized their dream of purchasing a cabin in the mountains of Waynesville. That cabin, and the state-of-the-art woodturning shop that came with it, belonged to Davis, whose only request in selling the property was that he have access to the facility to continue his craft. Juett agreed, and soon became hooked on woodturning himself.

“With the skills I have acquired from Allen and the experience I have obtained over the last three years, I find myself developing my own style and creating my own shapes and designs for various items,” says Juett. “Allen and I work very well together and the learning experience never ends.”

Winchester Woodworks bowls and other items are available at Twigs & Leaves Gallery at 98 North Main Street, in Waynesville. Learn more at

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