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Education: Franklin School of Innovation Drama Club Presents “Virtually Ever After”

Education: Franklin School

Oliver Edwards as Phillip. Photo by Jennifer Lipsey Edwards

By Emma Castleberry

The drama club at Franklin School of Innovation (FSI) presents Virtually Ever After, a production written for Zoom by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus, through Pioneer Drama. The virtual production features familiar fairy tale characters, like Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and Prince Charming, communicating with one another via phones and other devices. “This performance is unique and important because it involves fun fairy tale characters in eight scenes that are parodies,” says theater director Chris Martin. “Each student gets to shine by portraying a different fairy tale character in a modern situation. Students get to explore their characters through physical movement, voice and imagination.”

Students will help design their own props, costumes, scenery and lighting for their scenes. There will be a live performance on Zoom on Friday, March 26, at 6 p.m., allowing people to sign in from anywhere in the world to watch the show. Student stage manager Henry Thome will run the show and execute all sound cues that he designed. “He attends all rehearsals and manages the cast and makes sure rehearsals are organized and run smoothly,” says Martin.

This is the second Zoom production of the school year for FSI Drama Club. “We choose comedies to lighten the mood of a stressful pandemic situation,” says Martin. “We want our audience to be entertained and laugh out loud. Our goal is to connect with the audience by bringing popular fairy tales to life in a creative manner.”

A link to a recording of the performance will be posted on A $5 donation is recommended.

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