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Escape with a Sarah St. Laurent Sculpture

Sarah St. Laurent, artist

Sarah St. Laurent paints primarily in encaustic wax, which is beeswax combined with a little resin. She has also been making small houses out of wood and ceramics for many years, but like so many artists, her style shifted during the pandemic. A Zoom workshop introduced her to sculpting objects out of wire mesh and plaster, and she started making little boats. “Perhaps it represented a freedom from being homebound,” she says. “Who doesn’t think fondly of a little peaceful floating right now?”

Forest Homes. Sarah St. Laurent, artist

She decorates the 8-by-5-inch boats with hand-dyed fabrics, paper, rust, verdigris, metal, wood, jute, barbed wire and, of course, wax. The materials St. Laurent uses in her works are very intentionally chosen and often handmade. “I give a lot of myself into the materials I use,” she says. “Most of them I have created with natural processes, like indigo dyeing, rust and botanical printing on paper and fabric.”

The artist has also completed a new series of tree houses. These “Forest Homes” are plaster structures lifted onto tiny tree stilts. “Perhaps for those who would like to get away to somewhere secluded,” St. Laurent says.

Find Sarah St. Laurent’s work at Pink Dog Creative, 348 Depot Street, Suite 160B, in Asheville. For more information, call 512.656.3731, visit or find @sarahstlaurentart on Facebook and Instagram.

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