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Exotic Fiber Kits by Flying Fish Design Are Fun for All

Michael Forehand

Michael Forehand and Aurelia. Photo by Studio Misha Photography

One of Michael Forehand’s goals with his company, Flying Fish Design, is to break down the idea of fiber as a restricted medium. He wants everyone to be able to experience the wonderful world of fiber. “When I go to our local fiber crafts store, I am amazed by the colors and textures of the natural fibers that I see,” he says. “Most of it is from sheep and llama right here in WNC, and hand-dyed by people from this area as well.”

In an effort to help others experience this local heritage craft, Forehand has created the Exotic Fibers Kit, a do-it-yourself kit that includes a foam substrate base, instructions, scissors, a felting needle and six ounces of carefully chosen fiber blends designed to contrast beautifully in a work of art. “One would be hard pressed to make it look bad,” says Forehand. “There are no patterns to follow, just a blank canvas and a choice of blends designed to look good, no matter how one applies them. The result is instant gratification. And the exciting thing about the Exotic Fiber Kit is that it’s a mystery—no two are ever alike.”

Forehand also hopes to provide jobs for people with disabilities to assemble the kits. “With the right set-up, people with disabilities can cut yarn, put it in a bag and label it,” he says. “It is my heart’s desire to see the demand of the kits grow so we can create these jobs.”

Kits are available at Flying Fish Design, located at 111 Goughes Branch Road in Leicester. For more information or to make an appointment, visit

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