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February 2020 Featured Artist: Deb Williams

The Smiths. Deb Williams, artist

Deb Williams, artist

During her 16-year exploration of glass, Deb Williams has experimented with a variety of processes, but the two that have spoken to her both as an artist and a person are cast glass and shattered glass. She finds her work healing, especially as she works fusing shards of broken glass back together again. “The process is meditative and metaphorical,” she says. “I am taking something that is whole, applying stress and breaking it into ‘a million little pieces.’ Those pieces are then put back together in a different way. Whole becomes broken, and broken becomes healed. This parallels many of our life paths, and certainly my own.”

Williams remembers being fascinated with glass as a child in Wyoming when she would line up colored bottles on a fence and note how the colors shifted in the light. ‘This was my first experience in mixing colors,” she says, “and maybe even more importantly, realizing that different colors hold and evoke different feelings and energy.”

Just as she has evolved as a person over the years, she sees her work as having done the same. “When I first started working with glass, I just wanted to make pretty things. Now, I design pieces that evoke a response or cause a certain feeling when they are viewed.”

Find Deb Williams’ work at Mark Bettis Studio and Gallery in Asheville’s River Arts District and at Lexington Glassworks in downtown Asheville. To learn more, visit

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