New Work at Blue Dharma Fine Art

New Work at Blue Dharma Fine Art

Decision in Time. Bill Bowers, artist. MASK, a sculpture by J William Story

Blue Dharma Fine Art presents Decision in Time, a new painting by artist Bill Bowers, now on display as part of his winter collection. The zen abstract work is a 40-inch by 60-inch acrylic painting on canvas described by Bowers as having elements of a minimalist landscape and a pure abstraction.

“Zen abstracts start with no prior objective or subject matter,” says Bowers. “With this painting I initially struggled to see a harmonious composition form until the single act of seeing the horizon line—first in my mind and then executed on the canvas—changed everything. My efforts went from frustration to focus with that one decision.”

With a thin horizon line sharply painted across the middle of the canvas, Bowers began to see an ambiguous gold and green land or seascape beneath a turquoise sky lit with orange and fuchsia. When turned 180 degrees, he found that the question of land or sea still applies, but when hung horizontally, the work becomes pure abstraction. “The dividing line in the center creates a choice for the viewer to, in the present moment, either focus on the left or right color field,” he says.

The exhibit also includes Verde, a green Italian marble sculpture by J. William Story, placed before the painting. “Like Decision in Time, the sculpture can be viewed from any angle,” says Bowers. “It stands fluid and lyrical, yet carved in stone.”

Both Decision in Time and Verde are available for purchase.

Blue Dharma Fine Art is located at 1 Page Avenue, Suite 137, in Asheville. Winter hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, or by appointment. To learn more, call 941.301.1409 or visit

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