Seconds Sale at Woolworth Walk during February

Seconds Sale at Woolworth Walk during February

Seconds Sale at Woolworth Walk

During the month of February, visitors will find the 7th Annual Seconds Sale occupying the FW Gallery at Woolworth Walk. The sale features several member artists who have contributed work in a variety of mediums. These items are considered “seconds” for a number of reasons: there may be a slight imperfection in the piece, or the artist may simply have discontinued the style or item. In some way, the art doesn’t live up the artist’s standards, but often the artist is the only one aware of the imperfection. Visitors can find prints, paintings, photographs, pottery, glass, jewelry, mixed media and fiber works at the Seconds Sale.

Potter Meghan Bernard has been participating in the Woolworth Walk Seconds Sale for several years. “It is a great opportunity to clean out my studio and make room for new work,” she says. “‘Seconds’ means something very different to the the artist than to the buyer. A second to me can be a piece that didn’t turn out how I had in mind, or a piece I made as a step to figure out a new design. It’s not flawed, just not the outcome I had in mind. That means it’s got to go and clear out some space for the next batch. So the public gets a great chance to snap up some experimental and trial designs at great prices.” Bernard will be bringing some early versions of her newest line of ceramics decorated with foxes, as well as “retired, older work and overstocked items that I’m just tired of looking at,” she says. The beauty of the Seconds Sale is that the items Bernard has tired of are brand new to the shopper!

FW Gallery at Woolworth Walk is located at 25 Haywood Street in downtown Asheville. For more information, call 828.254.9234 or visit

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