Winter Solstice and the Light of Earth at Blue Dharma Fine Art

Convergence with Amethyst. Bill Bowers, artist

Convergence with Amethyst. Bill Bowers, artist

Blue Dharma Fine Art presents Winter Solstice and the Light of Earth, a special exhibition of paintings and totems by Bill Bowers paired with rare light- reflective crystals and minerals from Asheville’s Enter the Earth gem and mineral shop. The exhibit, which celebrates the return of light that begins with winter solstice, is on display through December.

“Enter the Earth is excited to collaborate with Blue Dharma to bring the beauty of the mineral kingdom to life through art,” says the shop’s manager Stacie Collier. “We are eager to see what fantastic creations are born from this cooperative effort.”

Bowers’ inspiration for Winter Solstice and the Light of Earth came from the fusion of his mixed media Totem series and his love of surreal images. Paintings in the exhibit contain the shimmer and color of crystals, with some providing a backdrop for the actual stones on display. Labradorite, amethyst and rose quartz feature heavily due to their light-reflective qualities and symbolism. Citrine, quartz and rose quartz are embedded in many of the totems.

“A rock star of mystical lore and ancient legends, the Labradorite crystal can be traced back to the native peoples of Canada who believed the stone was created from frozen fire as a result of the northern lights,” says Bowers. “The larger crystals in this exhibit are very sculptural and become high art created by nature.”

Blue Dharma Fine Art is located at 1 Page Avenue, Suite 137, in Asheville. Fall hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, or by appointment. To learn more, call 941.301.1409 or visit

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