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January 2020 Featured Artist: Jason Janow

Jason Janow, artist

Jason Janow knew from an early age that he wanted to work with his hands. He grew up in the mountains of Amherst, Virginia, and while in high school began finding a use for the pieces of nature that inevitably ended up in his pockets—things like river rocks, deer horn and wood—by fashioning them into necklaces.

Jane’s Rose. Jason Janow, artist

“When I went to my parents’ basement to work on a piece, I lost track of time,” he says. After spending his twenties working on landscaping and carpentry crews, he enrolled in Haywood Community College at age 30 to study professional jewelry making, earning an associate’s degree. “After graduating, I began acquiring galleries, doing a few shows and some jewelry repair, and creating custom wedding rings.”

Today, while hunting and fishing, he still picks up pieces of nature that give him ideas for his unique, textural jewelry. He recognizes the importance of jewelry as something meaningful in the lives of those for whom he creates. “Jewelry can remind us of a lost loved one; remind us of something important like nature, earth, a memory, self-love; and make us appreciate things such as family,” Janow says.

Jason Janow meets with clients by appointment at his studio in Miya Gallery, where his work is available. Miya Gallery is at 20 North Main Street in Weaverville. To learn more and find a list of other galleries that feature his work, visit, or find him on Facebook and Instagram.

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