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Jason Rafferty Offers Art Lessons, Personalized Coaching

Jason Rafferty Offers Art Lessons and Personalized Coaching

Her Judgement of Paris.
Jason Rafferty, artist

By Pamela Pyms

Eclectic artist Jason Rafferty has been teaching drawing and oil painting since 2015. In a shared studio space with fellow artists and teachers John Mac Kah and Alisa Lumbreras, classes are held six days a week.

Rafferty leans toward figurative art, portraiture and still life. After obtaining his BFA from UNC Asheville, he continued his training by apprenticing with Mac Kah in Asheville, and spending months at a time every year in France. He gleaned teachings and ideas from the likes of Studio Escalier in the Montmartre area of Paris, where classes were held in Toulouse-Lautrec’s old studio. “That was kind of romantic,” says Rafferty. His instruction in figurative drawing and oil painting took place in Argenton-les-Vallées in the Loire region.

Rafferty enjoys teaching all ages. “I have students ranging in age from 12 to 70,” he says. “I also do personalized coaching for those looking to hone their observational or perspective skills to refine their personal styles.”

Rafferty’s array of talent is readily displayed in a large, recently completed painting titled Her Judgement of Paris. It is a flip on the many painted variations done of The Judgement of Paris, which typically show a man ‘judging’ three women. In Rafferty’s oil painting, the woman has the golden apple strategically placed under her foot, and she is the one doing the judging. “I collaborated on this painting with my partner Sally,” Rafferty says, “and it was great to do because it incorporates all my art—from figurative to still life.”

For more information, hear our podcast on or at The Laurel of Asheville on Spotify, Apple Play, Google Play or Stitcher. Jason Rafferty’s studio is located in the River Arts District’s Riverview Station, 191 Lyman, #236. Learn more at, or visit Facebook (Art of Jason Rafferty).

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