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Join the Thomas Wolfe Short Story Book Club Via Zoom

Thomas Wolfe

The 7th Annual Thomas Wolfe Short Story Book Club hosts short story discussions via Zoom at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month from January through April. The first discussion, on January 13, features A.C. Reynolds High School English teacher Dan Clare and Thomas Wolfe Memorial Advisory Committee chair Ana Clare, leading an examination of Wolfe’s “The Sun and the Rain.”

“Most readers, in my experience, are drawn to Wolfe’s keen ear for dialect, his voluptuous descriptive passages and his undeniable talent for literary world building,” says Dan Clare. “His close studies of people and places, and the tensions within society, have, in many cases, a timelessness that modern readers easily connect with.”

This series is an opportunity for those who are interested in Wolfe’s writing but put off by the length of his novels, to get a taste of his work as well as join a community of literary enthusiasts. Participants can attend as many or as few discussions as they like. All story selections are made from the text The Complete Short Stories of Thomas Wolfe, edited by Francis E. Skipp with a Foreword by James Dickey (Scribner’s, 1987) and available at the Thomas Wolfe Memorial and at local bookstores.

“One reason this group is so much fun for me is because it provides a chance to hear from many others who share my passion for Wolfe’s writing,” says John Apperson’s Lake George author Ellen Brown, who will lead the April 14 discussion. “This delightful sharing is amplified now because of the Zoom format, allowing people literally from around the world to listen in and participate.”

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