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June 2020 Featured Artist: Sara Hall

Sara Hall, artist

The Laurel of Asheville’s own Sara Hall brings a wealth of artistic background and experience to her relatively recent foray into quilt making. “It was my aha moment,” she says of a trip to a fabric store a few years ago. “The feel of the fabrics, the colors, the patterns. Now I have patterns constantly playing in my head and an outlet for my creativity.”

Homage to Bill. Sara Hall, artist

Hall grew up in New York City where her parents encouraged exploration, and a literary uncle who lived in Greenwich Village introduced her to the gallery scene. She attended the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan and the Rhode Island School of Design, studying illustration and printmaking.

Upon retiring with her husband, artist Bill Hall, to Asheville in 2015, she began working on quilts. “I started out with my own designs and patterns, but, since then, have incorporated traditional designs as well, like the Log Cabin pattern,” she says. She owns a sewing machine, but does much of the stitching by hand.

In these pandemic times, she has forged a long-distance collaboration with a fellow quilter in New York. The two take turns creating panels, adding on to the whole and mailing it back and forth between them. “It ping-pongs back and forth until we both agree it’s done,” she says.

Learn more at, on Facebook (Sara Hall Quilts) and on Instagram @sarahallquilts. Email her at

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