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Kevin Felderhoff Exhibits at Blue Moon Gallery

Mesquite natural edge sofa table with turquoise inlay. Kevin Felderhoff, artist

Blue Moon Gallery and Frame in Brevard presents the work of Kevin Felderhoff, a woodworker and turner who creates both functional and sculptural pieces from reclaimed and rescued wood. Felderhoff’s work includes natural edge, log and barnwood furniture, and turned vases, bowls and cowboy hats.

“Kevin has an innate, artistic ability to recognize the potential beauty within ordinary pieces of wood in the form of root, trunk and gnarly limb,” says photographer and gallery owner Rob Travis. “His technical skill in taking that material and bringing it to life in his workshop marks the unique combination of talent and craft that we look for when artists wish to exhibit in our space.”

Box elder cowboy hat. Kevin Felderhoff, artist

Felderhoff, who currently lives in Brevard, got his introduction to building and working with wood during high school shop classes in Muenster, TX. His love for furniture began when the techniques taught there enabled him to build two rolltop desks. After high school he continued creating pieces using reclaimed and rescued wood and was later introduced to wood turning by a colleague while living in Birmingham, AL.

“It was stimulating and mentally challenging to analyze the wood and calculate the best angle at which to mount the piece on the lathe,” says Felderhoff. “I learned to expect the unexpected when turning, which made it fascinating.”

Felderhoff’s process begins by noting the artistic potential in the imperfections of the salvaged wood. He then analyzes the piece and calculates the best angle at which to mount it on the lathe.

“The most interesting pieces are turned end grain and the most dramatic pieces come from logs or branches that have very irregular shapes,” he says. One example is his flying winged vases which are turned on the end grain from a crotch so that when complete the pieces appear to have wings. Areas of bark are often left intact and small cracks and imperfections are inlaid with turquoise.

Felderhoff is a member of the Carolina Mountain Woodturners and the Golden Triangle Woodturners in Denton, TX. A firm believer in giving back to others, he shares his knowledge and experience by giving demonstrations at local and regional symposiums, art galleries and interactive remote demonstrations. He also gives private and group lessons to adults and children.

Blue Moon Gallery and Frame is located at 24 East Main Street in Brevard. For more information, visit

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