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Lang Captures Essence of Pets in Commissioned Portraits

Asheville artist and animal lover Tessa Lang began painting pet portraits in 2018 when a client at her Tokyo art exhibit commissioned her to paint his Labradoodle “Q.” Lang enjoyed the project so much that she has done pet portraits ever since.

“I work very closely with my clients on their projects,” says Lang. “If possible, I like to meet the pet, or at the very least, listen to how they describe its personality.”

Bailey. Tessa Lang, artist

Lang encourages clients to send as many photos and videos of the animal as possible. She then works with them to determine the size of the piece and any colors they are particularly drawn to. In an effort to ensure she understands their style and aesthetic preferences, she asks many questions and shares photos of her completed portraits. For example, clients may choose bold, rich colors or vibrant, lively hues. They may select the background color or leave it up to Lang to decide.

“I really loved the process of having our two dogs painted by Tessa because she worked so closely with us all the way through,” says Geri Peasley. “She sent photos of the work in progress and when it was nearly finished she brought it over and gave us an opportunity to tweak a couple of things.”

Lang states she is always open to feedback on her commissions and is happy to make changes in order to ensure the client is completely thrilled with their painting. Once it is finished, she delivers the work, if possible, and helps install it. Even during the installation stage, things can change.

“We didn’t put our painting where we and Tessa had intended,” says Peasley. “Instead, we decided to hang it in the room where we spend all our time because we love it so much.”

Tessa Lang Painting & Leggings is located at Wedge Studios, 129 Roberts Street, in Asheville’s River Arts District. To learn more, visit, Facebook (Tessa Lang Paintings & Leggings) or Instagram @tessalangart, or call 828.713.8080. Tessa’s work is also on display and available for purchase at Mountain Madre, The Cliffs at Walnut Cove and Mountain Park Wellness Center.

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