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Learn the Ukrainian Art of Making Pysanky from Andrea Kulish

Learn the Ukrainian Art of Making Pysanky

Pysanky eggs. Andrea Kulish, artist

Artist Andrea Kulish of Studio A at Pink Dog Creative invites you to join her as she teaches the age-old Ukrainian art of making pysanky, or Ukrainian Easter eggs. Kulish, a first-generation Ukrainian-American, has been making pysanky since she was five years old and has been teaching others to do so for more than 12 years.

“Almost anyone can learn and enjoy the pysanky process,” says Kulish. “I remind people to relax, have fun and create pysanky that they are happy with, keeping in mind that we are humans and not robots, and we want our work to reflect that. We don’t want it to look too perfect.”

Workshop students learn wax-resist dyeing, melting beeswax in a candle flame and applying it to the egg using a tool called a kistka. The eggs are dipped into successively darker dyes. At the end of the process the beeswax is melted off to reveal the design. Students may use traditional Ukrainian patterns or freestyle and make up their own design.

“Students love the big ‘aha!’ moment at the end when all the wax they have written on the egg is melted off and the colors underneath are revealed,” says Kulish. “They also love learning about the meanings of the ancient symbols and colors.”

In addition to teaching classes for students ages ten and older at Studio A, Kulish is available to teach in homes, schools, churches and other spaces for groups of two to 15 people, ages eight and up.

Studio A is located at 344 Depot Street, Suite 100. Learn more about classes at

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