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Lucy Clark Gallery & Studio Hosts Glass Artist Judson Guérard

Judson Guérard, artist

The Lucy Clark Gallery & Studio, in downtown Brevard, now represents contemporary glass artist Judson Guérard. Guérard is the latest addition to a growing list of exhibitors at the recently expanded gallery.

“I knew that once I had the space, I wanted to find a glass artist whose aesthetic resonated with the other work I show,” says Clark. “As soon as I saw Judson’s work, I was intrigued by the movement and fluidity that he was able to achieve.”

Guérard’s abstract sculptural pieces include River Rocks, a series that echoes the movement of water and the polished stones formed by that movement, as well as the Bounty series, made up of boat-like vessels conveying humanity’s effort to imagine the future. His work is influenced by his philosophy background and his years at Penland School of Craft, first as a student, then as coordinator of the school’s glass program.

Judson Guérard, artist

“Originally, I made a lot of goblets in order to gain skill and obtain some insight into the medium,” says Guérard. “Upon learning that working with glass rather than trying to control it was the best path for me, I progressed from functional to sculptural pieces.”

Guérard currently works at his studio overlooking the North Toe River in the tiny hamlet of Toecane, where he takes inspiration from his surroundings and references the dynamism of the sky, clouds, river and mountains. He describes decoration, color and texture as ongoing areas of development and experimentation.

“I think viewers appreciate the way light interacts with the pieces,” says Guérard. “I hope these works are interesting over the long term, in different light, from different angles and perspectives and that people think of them as more than just pretty decoration.”

Lucy Clark Gallery & Studio is located at 51 West Main Street, in Brevard. Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday and Wednesday through Saturday, Tuesday by appointment or by chance and Sunday 12–3 p.m. Learn more or shop at

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