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Mark Bettis Gallery Presents Group Show MONOCHROME

The Dancer. Mark Bettis, artist

The Mark Bettis Gallery is taking a unique approach to its newest group show. Each of the participating 15 artists drew a random Pantone color swatch from a bowl and then created a work using exclusively that color and its variations. The resulting show, MONOCHROME, will open with a reception at the gallery on Friday, August 5, from 5:30–8 p.m. featuring refreshments and light hors d’oeuvres. Many of the artists will also be present to chat with visitors about their works, all of which are for sale.

Bettis selected the color Orange, and after experimenting with how the color responded to being mixed with black and white, he ended up creating two pieces for the exhibition. “The first one I did was a figurative piece of a person of color,” he says. “When I mixed the black with orange it gave me a beautiful brown. I love doing figurative work, even though I do not do them all the time, and I thought to do it in an orange monotone would be challenging. For the second piece I wanted to do purely abstraction, which is more about the color and texture of the piece. I thought it would be interesting to do both and show the diversity of using the color orange.”

Galen Cheney selected the color Spring Green from the bowl of Pantone swatches. “This intense, bright, olive green felt like a natural fit for me,” she says. “My mind immediately went to sun penetrating springtime foliage, which gave me a feeling and sense of place that I could focus on as I was building the painting.” Her work in the show is titled Lawn Party.

Cheney says that limiting herself to a single color was at once a relief and a challenge. “In some ways it’s easier to paint this way, in that it eliminates a lot of options and simplifies the path forward,” she says. “On the other hand, I didn’t want to make a painting that was simply about the color I was given; I wanted to create a painting that was visually rich and evocative of a time of year, time of day, a sense of place that we could all recognize. I feel like the finished piece achieves this.”

Other artists featured in the exhibition are Balsam Abo Zour, Molly Courcelle, Tess Darling, Samantha Edmiston, Nabil El Jaouhari, Jacqui Fehl, Jill Lawrence, Micah Mackenzie, Grant Penny, Molly Sawyer, Victoria Pinney, David Sheldon and Deb Williams. The exhibition runs through Friday, August 12.

The Mark Bettis Gallery is located at 15 Broadway Street, Asheville. For more information, visit or contact Mark Bettis at 941.587.9502 or

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