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Mars Landing Galleries Celebrates the Holidays

Linear Cables. Rhona Polonsky, artist

By Natasha Anderson

Mars Landing Galleries, in Mars Hill, celebrates the holiday season with a new exhibit and a discount program to encourage artful giving and celebrate artists. The group exhibition, It’s a Small, Small World, runs through Saturday, December 30, and features small-format works by the gallery’s core group of artists.

“It might be my architectural background, but for me working both small and big is an important part of my process,” says exhibiting artist Martha Skinner. “Going small is like zooming into a fragment of a building and figuring out all of its intricacies.”

Red Dreams. Martha Skinner, artist

Skinner creates pieces through the interplay between reflections and shadows captured in photographs and drawings. The drawings are constructed with delicate strips of tape, string and pencil, and extend within and on the glass and outside of the frame. She will also show jewelry from her series Tiny Art You Wear.

Ceramicist Rhona Polonsky will exhibit lively, offbeat, black-and-white sgraffito vessels designed to evoke feelings of amusement, playfulness, whimsy and enthusiasm. Polonsky considers her pieces experimental, often evolving as she creates them.

Fiber artist Betty Hilton-Nash will show work that is abstract, sculptural and textural. Traditionally trained in a European style of tapestry weaving, Hilton-Nash has woven both representational and abstract wall pieces with a smooth, flat surface for 30 years.

Cinnamon Tapestry Basket. Betty Hilton Nash, artist

For this exhibit, her tapestry takes the form of baskets. In addition to traditional wool and silk yarns, she uses linen, raffia, nettle and art yarns to produce a textured surface. The stiffness of these materials allows the work to stand upright with no additional support. “I am responding to the materials first, the image second,” she says.

Coinciding with the It’s a Small, Small World exhibit is the rollout of the gallery’s inaugural Artful Impact event. Through December 30, Mars Landing will pass on and absorb a 15 percent gallery-wide discount. Artists receive the pre-promotion amount from any sales of their work, providing holiday-friendly pricing to the public while fully compensating artists. “I wanted to do something positive for my artists and also inspire collectors,” says Mars Landing Galleries founder and director Miryam Rojas.

“It’s an invitation to seasoned collectors and people considering original art for the first time to take the leap into buying something unique and local.”

The gallery intends to further develop and expand its Artful Impact programming in 2024 by creating additional gallery events and cultivating the program as an extension of its inclusive outreach arts engagement efforts.

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