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Materia Opens at RAD’s ArtPlay on November 11

ArtPlay Gallery and Studio presents Materia, an exhibition of new work by Elizabeth Porritt Carrington opening on Saturday, November 11. “I am very excited about this show as it will be really aligned with shifting the narrative of art and art-making from something beautiful that hangs on the wall, to a deeply personal journey and story that is being told through the artist’s hands and whole being all the time,” says Kristen Edge, owner and founder of ArtPlay. “This window into where the artist finds her inspiration and why she feels compelled to create is where we are going as a collective at ArtPlay.”

(Left) Artist Elizabeth Porritt Carrington at her cottage in Ireland. (Above) Elder. Elizabeth Porritt Carrington, artist

While Carrington is primarily a painter, and there will be paintings featured in the exhibition, Materia will also feature a video installation element, as well as images the artist took with a 50-year-old Mamiya C330 camera. “I have always been interested in new media and technology in art, as well as multimedia and have found myself pulling back on those old threads,” says Carrington.

Topically, Materia will explore Carrington’s relationship with nature and art, and the permeability of these two subjects.

“Yearning to be in conversation with Mother Nature is a constant,” she says. “It is a transferable yearning or is a transparent layer with my deep impulse to make art. I’ve been seeking this conversation out for years.”

ArtPlay is located at 372 Depot Street #44, in Asheville’s River Arts District. Learn more at

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