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Mica Features Variety Throughout Summer

Mica Gallery Summer Events

Big Yellow Taxi. Claudia Dunaway, artist

Mica, a cooperative fine craft gallery in downtown Bakersville, showcases the work of member artists on a rotating basis. Below are featured artists for the upcoming months.

Claudia Dunaway presents Paper Work, a series of woodblock printmaking works on paper created in winter and spring 2021. Her new work features hand-carved and hand-printed woodblock prints using a variety of techniques on a wide range of papers. Dunaway’s studio practice incorporates sustainable, earth-friendly printmaking methods.

Robbie Bell’s pottery exhibit, The Table is Set: A Feast of Dinnerware, will showcase plates of all sizes, bowls, drinking vessels, serving vessels, flower vases and candlesticks. His exhibit is designed to celebrate the return of the dinner parties that were largely absent during COVID-19.

“One of the most important rituals of life is that of sharing a meal with friends and family gathered around the table,” he says. “It’s time to welcome the return of the ritual of the dinner party.”

Mica Gallery Summer Events

Spring Tapestery. JJ Brown, artist

Fiber artist Vicki Essig’s Memento Mori, will show her work as a collaboration between silkworms and herself as the artist. Her process begins when the caterpillars hatch from their eggs and eat pounds of mulberry leaves in preparation to spin. Because it is not in the silkworms’ nature to create fabric or spin on flat surfaces, Essig guides them, placing them on a platform cut to the size of the finished art piece. Once they enter their resting state, she collects them and allows for their transformation into adult silk moths. “Some of my diaphanous fabric is created entirely by approximately 300 silkworms, with the help of choreographed interventions by myself,” she says.

David Ross will exhibit a pottery collection titled Africa Dreaming. The pieces feature African imagery inspired by Ross’s reading of Wilbur Smith’s historical novel series set during African colonization.

Simona Rosasco and JJ Brown, of Fyreglas Studio, present Weaves and Tapestries, a collection created through the studio’s process of making kiln-formed glass art with colorful pattern bars that are cut, arranged and repeatedly fired to achieve unique designs.

“We will introduce new woven designs, continuing an evolution of colors and patterns,” says Brown. “And we will present a new process and series of colorful and dramatic geometric designs.”

Mica is located at 37 Mitchell Avenue, Bakersville. For more information, visit

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