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Momentum Gallery Presents Long-awaited Solo Exhibit of Hoss Haley Sculptures

Topography Maquette #5 in forged steel. Hoss Haley, artist

On Thursday, August 11, from 5–8 p.m., Momentum Gallery will host a reception for Topography, sculptor Hoss Haley’s first solo show in more than five years, which opens on Thursday, August 4. “The collection includes monumental sculptures in corten steel, smaller sculptures in solid blocks of forged steel and a series of related paintings on steel panels,” says gallery owner Jordan Ahlers. Haley’s minimalist explorations of form take inspiration from geological features and architecture and many of his works require a fair amount of engineering, along with customized tools and processes.

In tandem with Topography, Momentum Gallery has a diverse group of exhibitions running at its gallery for the remainder of the summer. “This summer, Momentum Gallery continues to honor several of our inaugural artists—Mariella Bisson, David Ellsworth, Hoss Haley, Thor and Jennifer Bueno, Andy Farkas—with feature shows in our still-new space at 52 Broadway,” says Ahlers.

Transfer. Samantha Keely Smith, artist

Mariella Bisson’s landscape paintings, done in oil pigments over a collage layer, will be on display alongside the wood work of David Ellsworth, recent winner of a Visionary Award from The Smithsonian. Ellsworth’s pieces pair well with Bisson’s paintings, with both exploring and celebrating the textures and other qualities of trees.

The more abstract landscapes of Samantha Keely Smith provide another dynamic element to the gallery’s current exhibitions. “Occasionally, Smith’s work appears like atmospheric conditions, waves or mountains, but she is not trying to represent any particular place in nature—rather, Smith’s work depicts the nature of things,” says Ahlers. Smith’s work is presented at the back of the gallery’s first floor along with dynamic blown glass wall installations by local husband-and-wife team Thor and Jennifer Bueno.

“Silvered and patterned, colored glass elements are arranged into wall-mounted compositions inspired by river stones and cairns, wildflowers, indigenous plants, pearls and bubbles,” says Ahlers. Rounding out this collection for the summer are wood engravings and moku hanga prints by Andy Farkas, featuring personified animals and original sayings in letterpress text.

The work of these artists will be on display at Momentum Gallery through Saturday, August 27, along with new lenticular photographs from Tim Tate, pencil vessels from Robert Lyon, some new landscapes by Brian Sostrom and sculptural mirrors and benches by John Dodd.

Momentum Gallery is located at 52 Broadway Street, Asheville. For more information, visit

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