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New Coworking Scholarship at Flatiron Writers Room Available

Flatiron Writers Room. Photos by Paula Illingsworth

The Flatiron Writers Room (FWR) has established a new scholarship for its coworking space. The Frances Marion Scholarship Fund was initiated by screenwriter Patricia Green, who also teaches an annual screenwriting workshop that acts as a fundraiser for FWR.

Green requested the scholarship be named after Frances Marion, an American screenwriter, journalist, author and film director who wrote more than 325 scripts and was the first writer to win two Academy Awards. “Pat felt that her extraordinary talent, independent spirit and her prolific output as a writer that secured her a seat at the table as a female writer in a male-dominated business made her a great aspirational model for all writers,” says Maggie Marshall, co-owner of the FWR.

The scholarship is awarded quarterly to four writers each year, and the awardee for this quarter is Stephany Davis. The scholarship will provide Davis with some much needed private space for working on her poetry. “I have seven children, twelve years and under, who have been home from school since mid-March when the pandemic hit,” she says. “My plan is to focus on writing poetry and eventually submit my poetry manuscript for publication.” March 1 is the deadline to apply for next quarter’s scholarship, which begins on April 1.

FWR hopes to renew the endowment next year and offer more endowments with support from additional donors. Anyone interested in donating to the Scholarship Fund or applying for the scholarship should visit

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