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Out of My Mind Opens at Mars Landing Galleries

Islands in the Sky 1. Celia Reigle, artist

In August, Mars Landing Galleries will highlight a new body of work of Celia Reigle in an exhibition titled Out of My Mind. “Celia’s art is so intense and has a depth to it that you can’t but feel you must be gazing into the universe that is a person’s soul,” says Miryam Rojas, founder and director of Mars Landing Galleries. “It is dark, but only in color, and her depictions are wonderfully mystical.”

Fireside 3. Celia Reigle, artist

The exhibition will feature a variety of abstract watercolors on both paper and canvas, with a focus on texture, the welcoming of accidents and a search for freedom. “I don’t start with an idea, but maybe with a material that I’m going to use,” says Reigle, who grew up in Havana, Cuba, before migrating to the US as a teenager. “The idea happens as I’m using the material. Seldom do I have a final goal. It starts like therapy or playing; I love to play with materials. Then I let them happen.” Sometimes, she also incorporates found pieces such as glass or palm fronds into her paintings.

“I hope this show lets imaginations run,” says Reigle. “People ask me, what is that, what inspired you? And I say, what do you see? Because everyone sees something different.”

Mars Landing Galleries is located at 37 Library Street, Mars Hill. For more information, visit


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