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Pink Dog Creative’s Online Exhibit to Benefit Charities

Pink Dog Creative’s Online Exhibit to Benefit Charities

Portrait of American History. Cleaster Cotton, artist

Pink Dog Creative presents In Solidarity, an online exhibition benefitting four charities: Black Lives Matter, BeLoved Asheville, Youth Transformed for Life and the Equal Justice Initiative. “We are all saddened and angered by the continued racial profiling and violence against Black people,” says Hedy Fischer, co-owner with Randy Shull of Pink Dog Creative. “We believe that artists speak to our times and that art can uplift, enlighten and encourage dialogue. Art can be a vehicle for social change.” Participating artists include Patti Anastasi, Casimir Bationo, Karen Brown, Ralph Burns, Christie Calaycay, Deanna Chilian, Heather Davis, Holly de Saillan, Andrea Kulish, Joseph Pearson, Patricia Phillips, Anita Shwarts, Viola Spells, Stephen St. Claire, Noël Yovovich, Cleaster Cotton, Jenny Pickens and James Love.

Up to 100 percent of the the sale of each work will go to the charities, with the remaining portion to the artists. Pink Dog Creative will match each donation. Cleaster Cotton contributed Ascension … Portrait of American History to the online exhibition and 50 percent of the sale will go to BeLoved Asheville. “I entered this piece to demonstrate the ascension, elevation and vertical movement of my people in post-colonial American society, which is necessary for the elevation of America,” she says. “This show is a contemporary social commentary which uses the power of art and artists to convey some truths of American society, including racism, oppression, inequities, violence and the incessant murders of my people.”

Jenny Pickens donated her mixed media work The Birth of Knowledge to In Solidarity. “It’s about my ancestors who were enslaved and brought to a country that treated them inhumanely,” she says. “This is an opportunity to educate and bring awareness to the injustices my people have experienced for hundreds of years. This is only the beginning.” Fifty percent of the sales from Pickens’ work will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

James Love donated two pieces to the exhibition: Stone Faced and After Floyd, both of which “are representative of the emotional extremes I’ve personally experienced witnessing these horrible killings at the hands of law enforcement,” he says. Love will donate 60 percent of his sales to Youth Transformed for Life (YTL). “When you acquire art from this exhibition,” he says, “you’re supporting organizations that do important work to progress racial equity.”

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