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“Portraits of Imagination” at Asheville Gallery of Art

Asheville Gallery of Art will explore portraiture with a show beginning on Thursday, March 4, and running through Sunday, March 28. Portraits of Imagination will feature work from new members Chris Bell, Bill George, Hyn Patty and Patricia Veatch. Bell hails from Madison County and works in alcohol ink. A former graphic artist, George crafts his realistic portraits in oil paint and his contributions to the March exhibition include a reimagined, abstract portrait of Andy Warhol.

Warhol. Bill George, artist

Veatch, who works in oils, says she’s had a lifelong passion for portraiture. “From childhood, I have been intrigued with the challenge of representing the human face,” she says. “We all have two eyes, a nose and a mouth, and yet from very subtle variations, we see totally unique expressions of individuality.”

Patty, who works in both oils and pastels, says the show pushes the limits of portraiture. “We wish to demonstrate that a ‘portrait’ doesn’t have to be of a person,” she says. “It is a means to convey something about the person, place or thing to the viewer that goes beyond the surface of what you immediately see. It is an in-depth exploration of an aspect of a particular, unique subject, and an attempt to share something of its character that goes beyond the immediate visual.”

Asheville Gallery of Art is located at 82 Patton Avenue in Asheville. Gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday from 12–5 p.m. or by private appointment. For more information, visit

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