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Pottery and Illustrations at Woolworth Walk in October

Woolworth: October 2021

Detail from Cats in the Greenhouse. Suz Roach, artist

Through Saturday, October 30, local artists Suz Roach and Robin Southecorvo will be featured in the FW Gallery at Woolworth Walk.

Southecorvo works in both clay and mixed media, but this show will feature only her clay work—both the fun and the functional. “I have selected these pieces for the show because they are unique and I like creating items that you will not see anywhere else,” she says. Her pottery combines earth tones with brighter blues and yellows in bold patterns. “I developed my style just by creating pieces that are fun to make and added my love for nature in some of these pieces,” she says. “I use lots of spirals, triangles, spots and stripes. My style is always evolving. I like experimenting with my work.”

Woolworth: October 2021

Vase with Spirals. Robin Southecorvo, artist

Roach describes herself as a “long-time doodler and part-time artist.” With no formal art training, she came into her signature style, characterized by bright colors and fun patterns, through creativity and imagination. She narrowed down her selection of paintings for the show after looking at Southecorvo’s nature and pattern-themed ceramic works. “I decided to focus more on my animal illustrations,” Roach says. “My illustrative work ranges from robots, monsters and silly scenes to animals with a stronger focus on patterns and floral backgrounds.”

Roach hopes the unusual work will be a pleasant surprise in the FW Gallery. “While our art does not have much in common at first glance,” she says, “I think we both have a deep love and appreciation for the beauty of nature and a mischievous bent toward the unexpected.”

FW Gallery at Woolworth Walk is located at 25 Haywood Street in downtown Asheville. For more information, call 828.254.9234 or visit

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