Resistant: A Novel

Resistant-A Novel

Rachael Sparks, Author

Author Rachael Sparks left creative writing behind as a young adult when the demands of her science career took over. One night she made a bet with her husband as to which of them could take the first stab at something big they had always wanted to accomplish. “And mine was a novel,” she says. “He challenged me to write five chapters in three months. Nine months after that bet, Resistant was complete!”

Sparks drew on her background as a microbiologist-turned-marketer in the medical field for this hybrid novel that, she says, combines her favorite genres and elements of fiction: “Crichton-esque science fiction, Nora Roberts-esque romance, Cussler-style adventure and action and still a tad of mystery to solve, all led by a strong female character.”

As a novel “grounded in hard science and reality,” Resistant, Sparks says, should appeal to a variety of readers. “It’s set in the future, but not far,” she says. “I wanted readers to feel like it was an entirely possible scenario.”

With this bet-winning debut novel a done deed, Sparks has another finished manuscript that she describes as “grounded in science, but with a dash of witchiness.” She is also at work on a sequel to Resistant that will continue the character’s stories while delving into climate change and human health.

Resistant: A Novel, October, 2018, fiction, paperback, $11.56, by Rachael Sparks, and published by SparkPress, Tempe, AZ. To learn more, visit She will appear at Malaprop’s Bookstore and Café on Thursday, January 31, at 6 p.m.  

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