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Shop Talks: Mars Landing Galleries

Miryam Rojas, left, owner of Mars Landing Galleries, and artist Valerie Hoh.

Miryam Rojas, owner of Mars Landing Galleries, is a Peruvian-American originally from Rye, New York. As a child, Rojas eagerly read Architectural Digest and accompanied her father to antique auctions. By the age of 14, she had taught herself to interpret the blueprints of her family’s 1924 Mediterranean home. Later, after studying fine art and art history, Rojas spent 16 years as an art director in the television and film industry in South Florida.

Today, Rojas is living her longtime dream of owning an art gallery. She thrives on being able to recognize the concepts inherent in the works she represents. “I love to enable viewers to see what I see,” she says. “There are magnificent artists in this region with the courage to step out of the bounds of what typically sells in this art market. Offering these artists an audience of equally admiring viewers is a privilege I’d be remiss not to share.”

Mars Landing Galleries is located at 37 Library Street, in Mars Hill. Learn more at

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