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Summer Reflections at Art MoB Studios in July

Art Mob: Patricia Sweet

Summer Reflections. Patricia Sweet, artist

Art MoB Studios and Marketplace presents Summer Reflections, highlighting the work of artist Patricia Sweet in the July installment of their Artist and Blooms series. The show will run through Sunday, July 25, and will feature a floral interpretation of Sweet’s work by Simone Wood. “All the pieces in this show have been created specifically for this show so have never been seen before,” says Sweet.

“This series is taking a different direction than the traditional landscapes I have done in the past. I am exploring the lines between realism and abstraction while merging the past with the present. This was my way of ‘digging up’ and depicting the joy in my heart during COVID-19.”

Sweet is a plein air painter who has been with the gallery for more than two years. The show’s title, Summer Reflections, has a dual meaning, exploring both the concepts of thinking and consideration as well as mirroring and casting light. “The sun’s reflection in our eyes can impair our ability to see what is in front of us, yet can allow us to see what is inside of us,” says Sweet. “No matter our age, we never outgrow our memories. The Summer Reflections series is a depiction of my own personal memories being reflected back and put onto canvas. I hope to help the viewer wander back in time and unlock their own memories of when they felt joy and excitement about the future.”

Art MoB Studios & Marketplace is located at 124 4th Avenue East in Hendersonville. For more information, visit or call 828.693.4545.

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