The Illustrated Herbiary

The Illustrated Herbiary

Guidance and Rituals from 36 Bewitching Botanicals

Maia Toll, Author

Author, entrepreneur and women’s wisdom mentor Maia Toll began studying herbalism when medical professionals could not tell her why she was sick. “After seven years of reading and experimenting on my own,” she says, “I landed in Ireland, living and learning from a woman who was by turns a scientist, a witch, a gardener and a detective.”

A fortuitous connection to a publisher and a writing retreat project combined to set her on the path to publishing The Illustrated Herbiary. “I was working on a memoir of my time in Ireland and each chapter header started with a whimsical plant write-up,” Toll says. “After the retreat, I realized that while the memoir would be a long-term project and might take years to complete, those little plant oracles had their own gravitas and I could craft a book around them.”

Her original plant list was lengthy and the publisher asked her to narrow her focus to 36 plants. “The plants in the book are not rare or mythical,” she says. “They are plants that can be grown in your own garden. So if you are a nature enthusiast, a gardener, someone who loves herbs for cooking or medicine, or someone who wants to bring a little magic to daily life, this book is for you.”

The Illustrated Herbiary: Guidance and Rituals from 36 Bewitching Botanicals, August, 2018, nonfiction, hardcover, $19.95, by Maia Toll, and published by Storey Publishing, North Adams, MA. To learn more, visit

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