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“The Year of Our Mutual Anxiety” at Art MoB

Amanda Gorman. Susan Webb Tregay, artist

For its Artist & Blooms series in June, Art MoB Studios & Marketplace will highlight a large collection of works by Susan Webb Tregay in The Year of Our Mutual Anxiety. “During this pandemic, artists were isolated from each other, from models and from other subjects to paint, so slowly I began to paint topics to which I had a strong connection,” says Tregay. “This morphed into starting each painting from a gut-level emotion. It was that kind of year.”

Rather than painting flowers and following watercolor “rules,” Tregay let herself tackle subjects that frightened her, from the pandemic itself to other difficult news like the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As Tregay grappled with these topics, making an effort to inject humor into her paintings, a redheaded subject appeared and stayed.

“And now, 50 paintings later,” says Tregay, “we are getting our vaccines and adapting to our new normal life. The redhead accompanied me each step of the way. This is her life. My life, and your lives, too, are captured in paintings that document this chaotic year in brilliant color and poignant humor.”

Simone Wood, creator of the Blue Blossom Floral Apothecary located in the gallery, will interpret these paintings in a floral arrangement, and poet Lisa Casperson will explore the exhibition’s theme in words.

Art MoB Studios & Marketplace is located at 124 4th Avenue East in Hendersonville. For more information, call 828.693.4545 or visit

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