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Urban Figurative Exhibition at Contemporaneo Asheville

Urban Party-Fiesta Urbana. Veronica Byers, artist

Eight years ago in Miami, Francisco Troconis and Gary Culbertson, owners of Contemporaneo Asheville, purchased a large painting by artist Veronica Byers. They never had any personal contact with the Chilean artist until recently, when Byers posted an image of that work seeking to contact the owners. “We immediately contacted her to let her know that we are the happy owners of that amazing piece and that it was the most important of our collection,” says Troconis. “And here we are now, having a three-month show of her work at Contemporaneo Asheville.”

Trip to unknown-Viaje a lo desconocido. Veronica Byers, artist

Through September 30, visitors to Contemporaneo Asheville can see a selection of “urban figurative” works by Byers. “She brings a fresh perspective on abstract expressionism and figurative with a twist—what we have baptized as urban figurative,” says Troconis. “She creates pieces that tell many stories. They are playful, deep and multilayered, but also happy. This is especially important in these unsettling times—she doesn’t ignore the social elements, but incorporates them as part of a bigger picture.”

Some of the artworks chosen for this exhibition were created last year and others were created specifically for the exhibition at Contemporaneo. “My actual creative process is linked to the current global events, and the central theme is built from the daily experience of each world event,” says Byers. “It is not possible to read my work at a glance, since it is loaded with information that the observer discovers according to his personal experience. It can be taken as a reflection of his spirit.”

Byers acknowledges that meeting the gallery owners via social media was serendipitous, but she also feels her show at Contemporaneo was meant to be. “I could say that getting to know Francisco and Gary was a coincidence,” she says, “but coincidences do not exist—there are only causalities.”

Contemporaneo Asheville is located at 4 Biltmore Avenue in downtown Asheville. For more information, including updated gallery hours, visit

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