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View Dalleen Jackson’s Art Journey in Pottery at Art MoB

Dragonfly planters. Dalleen Jackson, artist

Art MoB Studios and Marketplace will highlight the work of clay artist and potter Dalleen Jackson in Always a Journey. The show is the December installment of the Artist & Blooms series and will also feature a bouquet by Simone Wood and poetry by Janet Ford.

“Even as a child I loved to play in the mud,” Jackson says. “Now I get to do this in a grown-up way, focusing on form and function.” Years of course work in watercolors, mixed media and oils, along with a degree in visual communications, led Jackson to her career as an artist.

Frog planter. Dalleen Jackson, artist

Her newest series of work focuses on the nature that surrounds her studio, where she spent much of her time during the pandemic. “Human life seemed to stand still for so many,” she says, “but pond life was business as usual. I utilized this time to study that busy environment, develop my own glaze recipes and alter hand-thrown forms with pond-inspired sculpture to bring the two together.”

Jackson emphasizes the time and skills it takes to complete a single piece of pottery. “From calculating firing times in the kiln, to blending different chemicals together to create glaze, the act of creating pottery can be considered a practice of art and engineering meeting science and math. The possibilities and purposes are endless.”

The show runs through Thursday, December 30. Jackson will be at the gallery to chat with visitors on Friday, December 3, from 5—7 p.m. during Hendersonville’s Ye Olde Fashioned Christmas. She will also be at the gallery on Saturday, December 11, from 1—4 p.m.

Art MoB Studios and Marketplace is located at 124 4th Avenue East in Hendersonville. For more information, visit or call 828.693.4545.

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