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Christopher Peterson Fine Art

Dave Matthews Band, Bonnie Raitt, Paul McCartney and Van Morrison are just a smattering of the 100 concert posters that have adorned the walls of Christopher Peterson’s studio. “The last 35 years of my career were spent in the San Francisco Bay Area, creating most of these for The Fillmore,” he says. “But I actually straddle the wiggly line between illustration and fine art.” Although concert posters are his specialty, there isn’t much Peterson can’t do with pen and ink. His career began at The New York Times, moving to the San Francisco Chronicle four years later. He eventually had his own ad agency.

When he was ready for a change last year, family and friends convinced him to come to Asheville. “Most people don’t know that I am a really good painter,” Peterson says. “I gravitate to run-of-the-mill subjects, unusual for a painting—could be a car or even a garbage can. If it has the right light, design and composition, I’m off and running!”

Christopher Peterson Fine Art is located at 191 Lyman Street, Studio 101, in the River Arts District. For more information, visit, Facebook at chrispetersonillustration or Instagram @ilstr8r. To hear more of the conversation with Peterson, visit

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