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Deadline Approaching for Creative Sector Survey


Justin Rabuck with son Ellis King. Photo by Molly Milroy Photography

The Center for Craft and the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce are encouraging Asheville artists and creatives to participate in an Artspace survey. The survey, which closes on Monday, March 26, is intended to quantify the needs of Asheville’s creative sector as part of a larger effort to ultimately create affordable housing solutions for artists and creatives. “The project size and type will be based upon the needs identified by a respective community—in this case, Asheville,” says Mike Marcus, assistant director at the CCCD. “Those needs are captured from the data received in the survey.”

Anyone who considers themselves an artist is encouraged to participate in the survey, including makers, musicians, performers, writers and designers, including those supporting their creative endeavors with other work. Survey participants are entered for a chance to win a $250 prize to be spent on creative supplies. “We know that Asheville has a tremendous creative sector that has significantly shaped the region’s identity and culture for the past 100 years,” says Stephanie Moore, executive director of the CCCD. “We also know that many artists and creatives are leaving due to the rapidly increasing cost of living, putting Asheville’s culture at risk. Developing affordable housing and space solutions for artists and creatives is a key priority.”

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