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Live Demonstrations by Art MoB Artists

Converging Spirits. Jo-Ann Jensen, artist

Converging Spirits. Jo-Ann Jensen, artist

Art MoB Studios & Marketplace has selected three of its artists to perform demonstrations during Hendersonville’s annual fine art festival, Art On Main. The festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday, September 28 and 29, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days. Watercolorist Simone Wood, silk batik artist Jo-Ann Jensen and plein air painter Patricia Sweet will demonstrate various techniques in their respective media while answering questions from passersby. The artists will also have their art available for sale. “My demo will be painting in plein air style, referencing the feel and atmosphere of the day and capturing the vibrancy of the sky,” says Sweet.

Jensen moved to Hendersonville about a year ago and volunteered at last year’s Art on Main. This year, she will be demonstrating the use of “batik,” or wax drawing, as a method for painting on silk. “I use soy and beeswax to draw designs on silk that is stretched on a frame to keep it taught and lifted off the surface,” she says. “Then silk paint or silk dye is applied with brushes. The wax resists the flow of the colors, leaving a distinct line.” As an art teacher, Jensen finds joy in demonstrating her work. “This event is important for this community because it not only showcases the incredible artistic talent that is here locally but provides an opportunity for new artists to introduce themselves,” she says. “Artists from all over can participate, which gives the local community, as well as our visitors, an opportunity to see an incredible diversity of art being shown.”

Art MoB is located at 124 4th Avenue East in Hendersonville. The demonstration booth for Art on Main will be located at the corner of Main and 4th Avenue. For more information about Art on Main, visit

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