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North Carolina Arboretum Presents Nature in Abstract

Hickory Nut Gap Autumn. Susanna Euston, photographer

Hickory Nut Gap Autumn. Susanna Euston, photographer

Award-winning photographer, artist and graphic designer Susanna Euston highlights the abstract interpretations of nature’s beauty through her photography exhibit, Nature in Abstract, on display Saturday, July 27, through October 13, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. inside the Arboretum’s Education Center. With a strong focus on trees captured on the Arboretum’s campus, as well as throughout Western North Carolina, Euston celebrates nature through the seasons.

“I’ve always loved the paintings of the Impressionists and, more recently, the landscapes of Gustav Klimt, the Austrian painter,” says Euston. “Adapting the camera to capturing images in the spirit of the art that I love has been a creative adventure in vision and craft.”

Using a photographic technique called Intentional Camera Movement, Euston creates abstract images in-camera to emphasize the form and energy of her subjects while developing a painterly effect. She hopes to increase an awareness for, and appreciation of, this different form of photography, as well as share with visitors how nature can come to life and take on new dimensions.

“As a documentary photographer for most of my career, my work over time grew to feel stagnant and unsatisfying to my inner artist,” says Euston. “That sense of deprivation was critical to my breaking out and experimenting with Intentional Camera Movement.”

All artworks are available for purchase and a portion of the sales will be donated to The North Carolina Arboretum Society.

The North Carolina Arboretum is located at 100 Frederick Law Olmsted Way in Asheville. Hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, April through October. Admission is free. A standard $14 per vehicle parking fee is required for non-members. Learn more at

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