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Waynesville’s New Gallery 164 Brings Mix of Contemporary, Traditional Art

(Left) Summer’s Gift and (right) Through Lines. Carmen Grier, artist

Waynesville’s Main Street is home to a new art gallery, Gallery 164, slated to open on Tuesday, November 14. Featuring about 24 artists from throughout the Southeast, Gallery 164 will feature traditional and contemporary work in a variety of media, including paintings, photography, ceramics, glass and metals. “Gallery 164 is based heavily on community engagement,” says Jerry Jackson, who co-owns the gallery with Jeff Harris. “This applies to our small pool of artists and community members who choose to include handmade art and crafts in their lifestyle. We want our collectors to know our artists and understand their processes and the emotions that enrich their work.”

Scott Summerfield, a glass artist that will be represented at Gallery 164, works solo in the hot shop to create his glass sculptures. “There is often a misconception that glass blowers must have a partner in the hot shop,” he says. “I have created a system of jigs and props which act as an additional set of hands. My glass work, the jigs I create, the equipment I build is all part of my creative process.”

Together, Harris and Jackson have more than 60 years of art, lighting and design experience. When choosing artists for the gallery, the owners sought out artists who excel in their craft and share in the gallery’s mission, and also endeavored to compile a cohesive range of styles that complement the desires of the local market.

“Jerry’s vision for the gallery is providing me the opportunity to show my one-of-a-kind sculpture in an environment where my work will be surrounded by high-quality art and craft,” says Summerfield. “It is always exciting to be on the forefront of something new, and I look forward to being part of the growth of this new business.”

Gallery 164 is located at 164 South Main Street, Waynesville. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and by appointment. Learn more at

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